Ends on September 30, 2017

$10.00 USD
DIYpsi Holiday Market will feature 80 vendors at Riverside Arts Center on Saturday, December 9th from 11-7 and Sunday, December 10th from 12-6. 

- Applications are open until September 30th at midnight.  $10 application fee.  
- Notifications will be sent out no later than October 16th 
- Table fees will be due by October 25th.  If your space is not paid for we will fill it with someone from the waitlist.  Table fees are non-refundable.   

Vendors fees are as follows (you may elect for your application to be considered for some or all of these spots below) You will be offered one of these spaces at the time you receive jury notification based on your preferences from the application: 
  • 6' table space (approx 6x5') = $175 (+ processing fees) 
  • 3' shared table  (approx 3x5') = $88 (+ processing fees) 

Jury Criteria

We look at the following:

  • How well your items fit with our vision of the DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic. We are looking for innovative items you can’t find anywhere else — with as much handmade goodness going on as possible. We are looking for work that comes as much as possible from raw or reused materials, as opposed to components of your work that are mass produced elsewhere and assembled. Visit the vendor page from our last show to get an idea.  
  • How your items are represented in your photos. Try placing your work on a neutral background and shooting in natural light. We use these photos to promote the show and cannot overemphasize how important they are! If you are selling several different products (i.e.- jewelry and t-shirts) we would like to see a photo for each category.
  • We try to make as diverse a show as possible. Our largest volume of applications are from vendors making 2/D Art, Jewelry and Health & Beauty products.  
  • We are looking for items at a variety of attainable price points.
  • If you have sold at DIYpsi before we are looking to see if your work has changed since participating in past fairs. We regularly accept return vendors but prefer them to have produced new designs or products so our shoppers are provided with a fresh experience for every show. We are looking for well-curated vendors who have a few types of products to offer in a variety of styles that make sense when merchandised together. We are looking for cohesiveness and consistency across all of the items a seller makes. If you make two very different items (jewelry and embroidery) they should have a similar visual feel and look like they were made by the same person.  
  • Ypsi is in our name — if you live and make here your application gets special consideration!  Approximately 30% of our vendors come from Ypsilanti, but we have accepted applicants from sea to shining sea to fill in the rest. 
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